Hurricane a’comin’

Will the month of May be a season-defining one for DC United? It’s certainly possible. 

Here’s DC’s schedule for the month of May:

5/4 – @ Colorado

5/8 – Chicago

5/16 – @ Chivas

5/21 – @ Toronto

5/24 – Toronto

5/29 – @ New England

Only one match in that run could be said to be a definte win at this point and that’s Chivas, whose parts have clearly not added up to the sum we all that it would be. I am, for now, assuming Toronto has truly gotten its act together and isn’t quite the joke I’ve been taking them for. This is a truly hellish run here and one that could see United potentially drop a lot of points. What do you think is the acceptable points haul for the month of may? I am not sure. I would hope it’s maybe 12 or 14 but I don’t really know. Assuming the bottom doesn’t fall out of one or two of the teams above, I might be setting the bar too high.


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