Expectations met

4-1, DC.

Now that is what fans expected of this team. I was struck by just how good the attack looked in general and by how much they seemed to do it in spite of Emilio. While he did draw a penalty, he looked like he was in a fog for most of the match. He and Gallardo still do not appear on the same page but, and this is the important thing, rather than just continuing to try the same Gallardo-to-Emilio plan over and over again – they evolved. DC played the ball wide more (I’m getting the vapors at the mere thought), they got Gallardo forward into the penalty and used Moreno perfectly as both a pivot and a decoy. This was (despite Emilio) an eye-opening performance and one that should serve as a reminder to the rest of the league of just what this team can in fact do. Now they just have to do it on the road too.

Other thoughts:

  • I was surprised as anyone to see Stratford get the start, but I was even more surprised to see him get pulled in the 41st. He may not been doing anything that useful, but he didn’t look so awful that he deserved to get pulled like that. That said, he seemed to take it well, as Soehn sat him down next to him on the bench and gave him what appeared to be a fatherly chat ending with a pat on the back. This isn’t a big deal. It just surprised me.
  • Santino Quaranta will play a part in World Cup Qualifying. I guarantee it. He has been an absolute revelation on the outside and, especially if DeMarcus needs more time to rehab, I can’t see how you can keep him off the field right now.
  • Boy, am I glad DC got rid of Dema when it did. Dema is too old for some of this crap. How can a player this old and this experienced still run around out there like a puppy that you just know will inevitably poop on the floor at some point.
  • Does Fred need to be worried about his place in the team if Soehn decideds to stick with the 3-back formation? I think so. Burch did exactly what was expected out there and put in an outstanding cross on the Gallardo goal.
  • That Gallardo goal gets better and better each time I see it.

More stuff later.


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