Really big game for United

Yet again, I find myself writing sentences I didn’t think I’d have to write this season. This time it’s:

DC United needs to beat Real Salt Lake to stave of what may be a crisis developing.

Look, everyone already knows the problems. Peralta has looked awful, Emilio looks like he can’t figure out how to shoot on goal and the team yet again looks glacially slow. McTavish is out and Quaranta looks set to start in his place. I tend to believe that’s a good thing but right now a shutout would be the best thing.

Believe it or not, in seven meetings the record between these two teams is 3-3-1 with DC scoring 13 goals to RSL’s 12. To be fair to United, they are 2-0 at RFK with an 8-0 scoring advantage, but this matchup is still worrying. Robbie Findley scares me to death here as he’s scored 3 goals and an assist in three matches against United.

Also, with Emilio in a funk and Gallardo not scoring on his own, I don’t see who is going to score here. Maybe Quaranta, but I just don’t think the forwards are carrying their weight right now. That’s not a good sign.

I hope I’m wrong, but I think the rot has gotten pretty deep.

Prediction: 2-0 RSL.


One thought on “Really big game for United

  1. Ouch… that’s a rough call. Still, i do agree with most of what you said, so I’ll take a 2-2 draw (the offense will wake up, but the back line is hopeless except Martinez). By the way, did you hear the crowd will be 25,000+? That’s pretty exciting, especially for an RSL game.

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