PSG Chairman to Players: “It’s your fault!!”

The recriminations are flying fast at relegation-threatened Paris St. Germain where yesterday the Chairman, Alain Cayzac, let loose against his own players.

“If we have reached that point, it’s perhaps because of the chairman, it’s perhaps because of the coach, it’s a lot because of the players,” he told a news conference a day after announcing his resignation.

“I told them so on Monday. I also told them that nobody is asking them to love each other but that I ask them to present a united front because today the destiny of the club is at their feet.

“I’m angry with the players because they played the first part of the season gripped by fear.

“It’s hard to play in Paris because of the pressure but when you play in Paris you are not allowed to be scared,” he added.

I think PSG would be the most famous club to go down (for non-Moggiopoly reasons) since maybe Manchester City a few years ago. Well, maybe Leeds counts as well. What was the biggest team to down in recent years? That’s an interesting question.

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