Is Austria the worst team to play in the European Championships ever?

So now I read that Austria just added a 37-year old to their Euro 2008 roster which got me thinking, who was the worst team ever to play in a World Cup or European Championship? Then, I realized that including the World Cup probably wouldn’t be fair to many of the Asian, African and Concacaf teams that have qualified then stunk out the joint. But in the last 10 or so years, has there ever been a worse European Champ. participant than Austria will be in 2008?

Some candidates are below:

  • The 0-1-2 Swiss Euro 2004 squad wasn’t great especially at the back and its attack featured the Stéphane Chapuisat, who was 35 at the time
  • The 0-1-2 Latvia 2004 squad could hardly believe themselves that they had qualified, but did manage to get a 0-0 against Germany.
  • The 1-0-2 England 2000 squad was unbelievably washed up and was managed by Kevin Keegan. Listen to this murderer’s row: Phil Neville, an ancient Paul Ince, Dennis Wise, Nick Barmby, Kevin Phillips and Richard Wright.
  • The 0-1-2 Germany 2000 squad, this group of decrepid has beens lost to the group of stiffs in the above bullet. Lothar Matthäus dragged his ass off the beach for this one along with other guys like Hassler and even Ulf Kirsten
  • The 2000 Slovenia side that went 0-2-1 featured Zlatko Zahovic and no one else anyone had heard of.
  • The 1992 England side coached by Graham “Turnip” Taylor that featured (and try not to laugh too loudly reading this) Carlton Palmer and Andy Sinton and did not include Ian Wright (leading league scorer) or Paul Gascoigne.

I am sure there are more out there. Let me know what you think by commenting below.


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