How good is Nicol?

Steve Goff makes a good point:

Let’s play “Name That Team.”

Here are your clues: Chase Hilgenbrinck, Amaechi Igwe, Gary Flood, Kheli Dube, Rob Valentino, Spencer Wadsworth, Brandon Tyler and Sam Brill.

The first three mysterious characters were starters on the road against unbeaten Dallas last night. The other no-names were available on the bench. That’s right, the New England Revolution, which, despite the absence of six regulars because of injury and suspension, produced a 1-0 victory on Khano Smith‘s second-half goal. The Revs are now 11-4-1 all-time at Dallas.

All MLS Cup jokes aside, Steve Nicol is doing something awfully right in Foxborough.

He’s right here. How good is Steve Nicol and his staff at digging up talent from the margins? Compared to some teams (this means you, DC), New England is able to successfully leverage the draft and waiver wire to their advantage.

Does anyone here think if United was at Dallas missing six starters, that they would pull off a 1-0 win? I certainly don’t.


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