On Red-Out and Red-Haired Stepchildren

Well, the Caps played their guts out but lost in overtime. But they did not choke. A young Caps team faced adversity and fought its guts out to take the series to seven games. The traditional Caps response would’ve been to roll over and die, but not these guys. God bless ’em.

It was tough to watch, but, with so much of the team coming back next season it’s hard not be optimistic. The only real worry spot if what they do at goalie. Do they sign Huet? Do they sign him long term? Do they sign a different guy as a short term fix before the young guys emerge from the minors? The other questions (like Fedorov) aren’t so crucial. Anyway, it was a miraculous season and I can’t tell you how great it is that the Caps are relevant again both in the NHL and more surprisingly in DC. It was a fun ride. And… they actually didn’t choke.

Which brings me to Liverpool. Now they choked. It sounded like this, “gaaaaack.” John Arne Riise heroically scored an absolutely avoidable own goal which gifted Chelsea an away goal with the last kick of the match. (Below)

Manchester United takes on crisis-addled Barcelona tonight. This should be an easy win for one of the best English teams I have ever seen.

We shall see.


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