The Gullit deathwatch is on!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first signs of discontent.

The deep thinkerWe all chuckled when he spent half an hour at the MLS combine, announced that nobody there could play and then got on a plane and left the scouting and drafting to Panayotis, but the fact is that whether Gullit likes it or not, that’s where a lot of MLS players come from.

Then, on top of the exceedingly odd Franchino deal, about which he clearly knew very little if anything, there’s this today FROM GRAHAME JONES:

It appears that Gullit is not totally in the loop on the transaction front. Last week he was asked about the acquisition of defenders Scott Bolkan and Vardan Adzemian and their subsequent loan to the Portland Timbers. Gullit looked blank. He had never heard of either player.

I don’t care what league you’re in, a manager can’t just sit around waiting for whatever players drop in from the sky, particularly when the guy doing the dropping is a well-known halfwit like Lalas. You have to wonder at this point whether Gullit really gives a damn about this team, this league or this job.

Bill’s right of course. If Gullit is just turning up to move little x’s and o’s around a white board once-a-week it’s a total disgrace. Do the diehard Galaxy fans really care? Why aren’t they going apeshit, if it appears that their management consists of marketing guys (Leiweke, et al), morons (who do you think), and freeloading, overrated egomaniacs (that’s Gullit). If I were in LA and this were my club, I’d be going insane. You know Gullit is going to leave, it’s just a matter of when and how. You also know that Steve Cronin could end up institutionalized from having to play in front of that defense. And yet, everyone just stands by while Isiah Alexi Lalas plays Championship Manager The Live Action Version.

I always thought the Red Bulls were the Knicks of soccer. Instead, it turns out it’s the Galaxy.

Let’s just hope Carlos Ruiz stays away from any “truck parties.”


2 thoughts on “The Gullit deathwatch is on!

  1. I’ve said all along that the mess in LA is hard to pin on one person (like so many people want to blame Lalas because that’s fun). Lieweke brings in a coach who doesn’t want to deal with less than elite players so Bravo and Lalas have to try to manage the cap, find people to fill out the space and generate publicity.

    It’s really sad.

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