Caps take it to game seven, Flyers fans emote

Suck on that, Philly fans

The Caps came back again to beat the Flyers last night in Philly. As anyone knows, Philly fans turn on their teams faster than any fans anywhere, and that includes New York.* The local media of course loves to pile on as well. Here’s some clips of the Inquirer’s live blog of the game. These start at the beginning of the third period.

So, nervous?

Twenty seconds into the period, Braydon Coburn clanged one off the post.

So, nervous?

Worst nightmare (Vengeance Now Division):

Ovechkin puts the Caps ahead by 3-2 on a breakaway goal. After 30 really good seconds of attacking by the Flyers, a turnover inside the Caps’ blue line and a long pass to a streaking Ovechkin by Viktor Kozlov splits the Flyers’ defense. Ovechkin looked like Ovechkin on this one. Still 17 minuttes to go, but this is a monumental collapse now within this game.

Flyers had a 5 on 3 power play advantage for 49 seconds. Nothing.

Big Al strikes again, this time on a power play, this time because the Flyers had too many men on the ice. Another goal for Ovechkin, now 4-2 Caps, now a full-fledged, unadulterated fold-up. Still 9 minutes to go but, well…

Repeat: Full-fledged, unadulterated fold-up.

Game 7 tomorrow night in Washington.

Money quote from Flyers coach John Stevens after the game:

“We’ll find out what we’re made of tomorrow.”

You’ll note, that’s the Flyers hometown media already talking choke with 17 minutes to go. The fans were the same way. As soon as the game was tied in the second period, they knew they were doomed and promptly shut up. And once Ovie scored on the breakaway, they all knew that they’d entered the Mitch Williams zone. Let’s all take a moment to enjoy.

It sure sounds like some of the commenters were in the Mitch zone too. Here is my favorite:

if your a caps fan during the playoffs in philly, you should have human waste thrown at your ugly face, let alone food. dont show up. if you do, expect all the freebies that come with the price of admission.

once again the flyers prove what a bunch of chumps they are when the pressure is on. has anyone ever seen a team up 2-0 2nd period of a series clinching game play as HORRIBLY as the flyers tonight? The canadians scored another to make it 3-0 tonight. when they had chances they choked. Biron did a lot to keep them in well after the rest of the jellyfish had given up. i counted 3 clearing attempts in a row fanned on. that equals no heart or no energy. both are the fault of the gutless coach who never has his team ready when it counts. biron, a B+ goalie at best, bailed stevens out down the stretch. when biron’s out of gas stevens proves he has nothing to add to the equation.

how perfect for the new nhl/ba. bad guy flyers up 3-1 and the next savior for the nhlba, geico caveman ovechkin leads his team back. headlines everywhere for the new nhl trying to bring life to the game that the trapping devils killed. new nhl SUCKS.

And for all of you telling me i’m a quitter because theres still a game 7, eat tube steak, with extra vein. ive been through it enough times. they will loose. even if they wet dream a win tomorrow, they’ll loose before they win the cup. this is a loser franchise, and i hate that i love them. but i have no hope.

if for some stupid reason they ever win one in my lifetime, i dont care what anyone says it will be worth it- but that won’t happen b/c no one can loose when it counts like the Philadelphia Flyers.

And now the Caps are one home game away from advancing. It’s hard to see them not winning tonight. Philly is going to be tighter than John Rocker in San Quentin and the Verizon Center is going to be insane. We’re going to win tonight for many reasons including better talent, better coaching, and better leadership, but the biggest reason is one that will warm the hearts of all Caps fans.

We want Pittsburgh.

(Thanks Neat1325)

* NY fans, especially Yanks fans, are very, very sentimental. Remember, Paul O’Neill is a near-deity to these fans. Philly fans would’ve just tossed him on to 95 as soon as his numbers began to fade.


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