On plastic horns

Dan Loney takes on the “scourge” of plastic horns at MLS matches.

There are a couple of threads going on about plastic horns in stadiums. Like Ike & Turner doing “Proud Mary,” I’ll address this two different ways.

First, and probably most important, plastic horns do not add atmosphere. They simply add neutral volume. It’s white noise. This isn’t anything to do with the quality of the sound, but the monotony. It’s just one sound. You’d have the same problem with bicycle bells, or a constant loop of Will Shatter’s scream from “Sex Bomb.”

The next time you watch a game from Azteca, try to tell the difference between horns blown in appreciation, and horns blown in derision. I put it to the jury that it cannot be done.

I agree with everything he says here. And yet, I think they are a good thing. For one thing, they are different. That noise, white as it is, differentiates a soccer match from other events, especially on TV. One other thing I like about them is that it introduces young fans into fan participaton at an early age. Again, this participation (especially as it’s not scoreboard-implored) is a great way to introduce kids to cheering at soccer.

Sure, it’s mindless. Sure, it’s annoying. That’s all true. But some of those kids are going to keep coming and keep cheering. And eventually they’re going to put down the horn, pick up the beer and join a supporters club.

I did precisely that.


2 thoughts on “On plastic horns

  1. File this under “Pointless dickswinging by people who say you’re not a real fan if you don’t behave exactly like them.” If you don’t like the horns, make more noise than them.

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