NYT needs better story ideas

My old Fauquier Citizen boss Lou Emerson wouldn’t have liked this story idea.

Studying the Intersection of Politics and Pantry

How is this newsworthy?

Larry Finkel at MarketResearch .com used information on 25,000 people assembled by Simmons Market Research to develop a voter preference index based on store-bought cookies and restaurants.

Among his findings: Democratic women, a demographic group likely to support Hillary Clinton, have an affinity for fruit-filled cookies. Mr. Obama’s supporters intensely dislike vanilla wafers. And if McCain supporters had a favorite cookie, it would likely be one like Chips Ahoy.

I like fruit-filled cookies, vanilla wafers, and Chips Ahoy. I guess that makes me a centrist… or just fat.

A McCain voter might reach for a SoBe energy drink, a Clinton supporter an Odwalla Super Protein drink, and for an Obama supporter, an Izze sparkling juice.

How about telling us about policies? Is that so hard? This stuff is only interesting to campaign journalists and no one else.


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