Euro 2008, I cannot wait

With MLS still in bizzarro early-season mode (and my fatigue-addled brain can’t deal with that at this hour in the morning), let’s take a look at Euro 2008. Blissfully free of any teams from British Isles, the soccer on show this summer in Austria and Switzerland should be great (except for Austria). For fans here in North America, the tournament will be on the the ESPN “family of networks” and possibly even in HD, which will make viewing a lot easier than in the past. Here on Fighting Talker, I will take a look at each group over the coming weeks. Here are the groups again.

Group A
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Group B
Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Poland Poland
Group C
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of France France
Group D
Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Russia Russia

One thought on “Euro 2008, I cannot wait

  1. I think Poland might surprise a few people or even croatia. Germany have a great record at the Euros and they are due a win, but in the end i think Portugal will take the title.

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