Easy, peasy…

4-1, DC. An easy and thoroughly deserved win.

Now, let’s not take away from what was a very good United performance, but Toronto was unbelievably bad at the back. Time after time, the two TFC central defenders, Tyrone Marshall and Marco Velez, stood around and simply watched as Emilio, Quaranta, et al just swarmed around them. They were an absolute joke last night, and it must terrify TFC fans that top draft pick Julius James somehow hasn’t supplanted one of them.

But back to DC, I thought Santino was outstanding last night and a big improvement over Niell, who is looking more and more like a late-match energy substitute rather than a starter. Emilio finished his chance well and was far more active than previous matches. Gallardo though still looks like he is sorting out where folks are on the field. I still saw lots of passes from him to where he thought teammates would be, rather than where they are.

There wasn’t much to dislike but Fred continues to be one of them. Far too many times in (especially in the first half) he was a black hole of possession, where the ball goes in but never comes out. One can only believe that Quavas Kirk is struggling mightily after not even dressing last night. He wasn’t listed on the injury report and I don’t believe that the Olympic team is still in training, so I have wonder what’s going on with him.

I’ll have more to say tomorrow but I’ll leave you with this: Greg Sutton’s 2nd 1st half save on Emilio’s point blank header is one of the best saves I have ever seen.


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