Kasey Keller should not be the US #1


Despite having played in Europe now for sixteen years, far longer than Brad Friedel or Tim Howard, Keller remains the most “American” top keeper in our player pool. Keller easily mixes well with young American starlets whether they hail from MLS or European clubs and will never refuse a call up from his country. It is precisely this commitment to the US National Team that has gotten Keller in trouble at times at his clubs. But wih crucial qualifiers coming down the pike for the United States, do our fans really feel more comfortable with an untested Brad Guzan or an error prone Tim Howard over Kasey Keller, whose ability to organize his back line and wall during set pieces is unquestioned? This is a question Bob Bradley must be asked and ultimately answer. My thinking is Keller has to be called in this summer for the qualifiers. Kasey Keller has been part of every successful United States qualifying effort in its history. With Keller once again getting regular football at Fulham, and showing once again his shot stopping prowess, from my vantage point the choice is a no-brainer.

This only makes even a modicum of sense if you’re one of the “believers” that says the the U.S. should win every single friendly it plays and set their lineups like each one is the World Cup final. Kasey is a good goalkeeper and genuinely good guy and a great figure in U.S. Soccer. All of that is true. But, he will not be at World Cup 2010 and therefore should play no role in qualifying either. The future of US goalkeeping is Tim Howard and Brad Guzan. That’s why they need to be the ones playing not Keller.

I don’t know what it is about the USMNT that appears to make people’s brains leak out their ears on to their keyboards below.

(Thanks wjarrettc)


4 thoughts on “Kasey Keller should not be the US #1

  1. I love Kasey. I think he gets an unfair rap for our showing in 2006 and the Friedel-Keller debate can probably rage on for eternity.

    [Stephen A.]HOW-EVUH[/SA], Kasey should be nothing more than a guy to back up Tim and Brad G. now. I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the roster as the No. 2 for those games in the real hot spots (Costa Roca, Guatemala, etc.) just to utilize his experience and know-how. He is also nice to have in your back pocket in case of injuries.

    But to think we should rest our hopes on Kasey now when we have Tim and Brad G. (and Marcus) is rooted in nostalgia, not reality.

  2. Thanks for blogging about this. I would have done it, but am too busy to do anything more than comment. I love Kasey, too, but he showed at Copa America that his time is up with the Nats.

    “do our fans really feel more comfortable with an untested Brad Guzan or an error prone Tim Howard over Kasey Keller, whose ability to organize his back line and wall during set pieces is unquestioned?”

    Sounds like a Hillary ad. “It’s the 89th minute, and Carlos Ruiz dives to give Guatemala a free kick. Who do you want in goal?”

  3. Agreed, its time to hand the reigns over to the next generation. He could be valuable in camp, as a mentor and quality 3rd option, but his starting days ended 2 years ago.

  4. The only way that Keller should get the call is if Howard, Guzan, and Hannemann are all out with injury, the US needs points, and Bradley’s looking at Keller, Perkins, and Reis.

    And how can you call Howard ‘error prone’ when comparing him to the guy who kicked the ball off of Hermosillo in Foxboro?

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